Enjoy Incredible Photos of You and Your Loved Ones

Rely on Vestige to capture the marks you make on the world

Moments are fleeting, but photographs can help them last forever. Vestige wants to capture those incredibly important moments, so you can remember them for a lifetime. Vestige is based in Amarillo, TX (only a few hours from Lubbock) where our photographer has worked with countless individuals, couples and families.

For 10 years, our photographer has worked hard to perfect her craft, so her clients can have the perfect set of photos to look back on down the road. With Vestige, you won’t forget the mark you’ve made on the world. You’ll have a beautiful set of photographs that truly capture these very important moments in time.

a different, more familial approach to photography

To authentically capture these moments, Vestige takes a unique approach to photography. Our photographer gets to know each client and strives to create a personal relationship with them.

You’ll benefit from having a photographer who:

• Really gets to know you and your loved ones
• Can capture moments that are authentic and organic
• Becomes a reliable choice and a part of the family

Studio photographs aren’t a true reflection of who you are. We want you to feel more comfortable having Vestige around to capture all your special moments. This allows for more candid photographs – ones that truly capture you and your loved ones on special occasions.

Get to know a dedicated and down-to-earth photographer here at Vestige. Arrange for your consultation today!

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